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More Patient Reviews for Bee Cave Family Chiropractic

“I have better mobility than I have had in years.”

Dr. Parker is a wonderful practitioner and understands the concept of how weekly adjustment helps maintain many systems of the human body. We were dying from allergies when we moved to Austin and she has helped us greatly. My son and I have had weekly adjustments since he was 2. I have lived in several states and vetted doctors of chiropractic treatment every move until I found the right fit. She is the right fit! Whether you are recovering from injury, looking to reduce allergy symptoms, or simply wanting to maintain a strong immune and neurological system, she GETS IT! Love her and feel super blessed to have her as part of our wellness tribe!

Geetha S. ~ Austin, TX

Incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Parker

We’ve been taking our 6 month old son to Dr. Parker since he was born. He was suffering from tight muscles in his neck, which caused him to only ever look to one side. Because of this he was developing a flat shaped head. After a couple visits, we noticed a huge change in his ability to look from side to side. He started sleeping better, his head shape started developing as expected, and even after some additional treatments, his reflux and volume of spitup was improved too.

My husband started seeing her for adjustments as well and it was a night and day difference. The daily pains from carrying around a 6 month old and neck aches from restless sleep are finally going away thanks to her treatments, advice and comprehensive holistic health knowledge.

We are so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Parker. We would recommend her to adults, babies, everyone!

Nicole D. ˜ Austin, Texas

“I have better mobility than I have had in years.”

I have been troubled by lower back and neck pain for years. Recently I started having pain in my hand, both my feet and my knee. I am an avid runner and triathlete. I work physically in the field as well as at a computer. The pain and lack of mobility was impeding my ability to work and do what I enjoy. I couldn’t even stay in bed for eight hours because of the problems I was having. I had thought about chiropractic for years but was reticent. As an athlete I had worked with physical therapists, and believed in muscular imbalance as the source of my problems. The physical therapy I did was unsuccessful at relieving my pain and restoring the mobility of my lower back/hips. I started looking around on the internet and saw Dr. Parker’s website. I liked her credentials, and philosophies. So I called her office.Show More

I have been seeing Dr. Parker for around 10 weeks now. I have no pain in my hand any more, my left foot never hurts, my right foot is getting better each week. I have better mobility than I have had in years. I am now able to run without pain! I had been told that I was going to have to quit running or at least drop all thoughts of doing a marathon or greater distance. I am now training for any run I want to do, at faster paces than I have been able to maintain since three or four years ago. I can work and not worry about throwing my back out, and maybe best of all… I can sleep without waking up, barely able to move.

Dr. Parker is very knowledgeable and well rounded. They worked with my insurance. I was sent to a radiologist for x-rays and his diagnosis corresponded with Dr. Parker’s exactly. She put me on a set of rehab exercises to fix the muscular imbalances, and that coupled with relieving “subluxation” (you will have to ask her what this is) has given me back my life. I highly recommend Dr. Parker. I just wish I had found her sooner!

Richard M. ~ Austin, Texas

“We’re sleeping better, breathing better and feeling good!”

Dr. Parker,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for keeping us aligned and well!! Since starting with you in April, we’ve had less visits to the doctor, we’re sleeping better, breathing better and feeling good! The girls look forward to seeing you and Emily each week and love to “be” Dr. Parker while playing at home. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to have found you!

Harper, Rome & Louisa ~ Austin, Texas

“Allergies are nonexistent and I definitely have more energy throughout the day.”

So… I’ve always been skeptical about seeing a chiropractor and actually never really understood what it was all about. After meeting Dr. Parker outside of her practice I thought I could give this a try. It took me awhile to come around especially because I didn’t want to “fit it in my budget”. I was never pressured to come in and see her but when I finally did I was soon convinced I was totally missing out.Show More

I’ve had my share of sports injuries over the years and didn’t realize the damage until I saw my x-rays. I’m now at the halfway point of my correction and there’s hardly any pain if any. I am able to sleep so much better which has been an issue for years. Allergies are nonexistent and I definitely have more energy throughout the day. The best part about it is it’s so much more affordable then I imagined. I was previously quoted elsewhere a little more than 2x what Dr. Parker is charging. The staff is also super friendly and caring while the atmosphere is very relaxing. Ready for my next appointment!

Jesse J. ~ Austin, Texas

“My quality of life has done a complete 180. It’s amazing!”

I could not have chosen a better chiropractor to go to than Dr. Parker. It was my first time to ever see a chiropractor and I’ll admit I was pretty nervous. She was professional and very kind. She patiently listened to all my questions and answered them accordingly. She immediately made me feel calm and at ease.Show More

She had me get x-rays so that she could identify the exact problem. Come to find out I had slight scoliosis is my mid-back and my spine was slightly rotated in my lower back. I had no idea! Seeing the images of my bones really put everything into perspective and allowed Dr. Parker to assign a care plan that suited me personally.

I have been going for a year and not only has she eliminated my back pain, she has alleviated my allergies! Apparently certain adjustments help allergies! Who knew? She also sells natural remedies for allergies that work wonders!

My entire family has either been in her office or has taken advice from her at some point in this past year. She’s absolutely wonderful!

My quality of life has done a complete 180. It’s amazing! I do not know what I would do without my regular visits to her office!

Emily P. ~ Austin, Texas

“With Dr. Parker’s help, I am able to live my life to the fullest!”

I have been using Chiropractic care for almost 10 years now and have been through a handful of Chiropractors. When I moved to Austin almost two years ago, I found Dr. Parker and she has changed my life. She is by far the best I have found. I have problems with my body due to car accidents, playing sports, being active, and working out vigorously. With Dr. Parker’s help, I am able to live my life to the fullest! My time I spend in her office is my zen time and I leave with a smile on my face every time.

Liz J. ~ Austin, Texas

“Kind and supportive with her treatment”

I highly recommend Dr.Rhonda Parker for her skill level with patients is outstanding, very thorough in her examinations, kind and supportive with her treatment. Patients experience a speedy recovery, and Rhonda is always learning new techniques. She is an outstanding chiropractor who genuinely cares for all her patients.

Dr. Mary Beth Pace, MSPT, DC ~ Houston, Texas

“I am amazed and relieved that I could be treated without surgery, Thank You, Dr. Rhonda!”

I never darkened the doorstep of a chiropractor’s office until over a year ago. In the past, I believed chiropractors were quacks and that they would eventually damage my spine. My daughter told me to visit Dr. Rhonda Parker and that she could help me with a health issue that I had. Trusting my daughter, I decided to take her advice. After my first visit and treatment, I walked out of her office feeling like a million dollars.Show More

I began to cry, because I felt well for the first time in a long time. Dr. Parker suggested that I have x-rays after my first exam, because she discovered that I had issues in my spine, but needed x-rays to determine what they were. I saw the x-rays, and they had shown that I had one vertebrae in my neck that was in the last stage before it closed up. She said that if I had waited any longer, she would not have been able to work on it, and open it up. I knew that it meant neck surgery would be eventual to correct the problem. I was amazed and relieved that I could be treated for the problem and a few others. Please understand that I never had any pain in my back or neck, so I was surprised that she discovered the issues. Dr. Parker also educated me on how each vertebrae can affect different parts of your organs/nervous system WOW!

Pat S. ~ Austin, Texas

“I love Dr. Parker’s gentle yet firm touch and methods.”

“When I started with Dr. Parker I was experiencing joint pains and severe stiffness in my shoulders and neck. Through my treatment the joint pain has been alleviated, and shoulders and neck have had much improvement. They still get tight, but now I know where to go to get them moving again. I love Dr. Parkers gentle yet firm touch and methods.

Jenea F. ~ Austin, Texas

“I had chronic back/neck problems…”

“Before coming to Bee Cave Family Chiropractic I had chronic back/neck problems. By the end of my session I felt relieved of most of my pain. What I like best is Dr. Parker. She is always a welcoming sight.”

Austin M. ~ Austin, Texas

Highly recommended!

“She has extensive knowledge of her profession and I would highly recommend her for treatment. I have referred my clients to her.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Melody T., Massage Therapist ~ Austin, Texas

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