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Austin Chiropractor Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Bee Cave Family Chiropractic patient reviews below and please email me or contact our Austin chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Rhonda Parker

So Thankful for Dr. Parker

I hobbled in to see Dr. Parker; hardly able to stand the pain of plantar fasciitis. The person referring me indicated that Dr. Parker healed her husband’s plantar fasciitis. Dr. Parker provided great knowledge and educated me about overall wellness. After a few alignments, I felt better all over, not realizing how tense and out of alignment I’d been. I have more energy and all those “pinched” feelings in my hips are gone. My extremely tight and aching calves are no longer an issue. And oh-my feet, I’m able to travel again and spend the day exploring mountain tops and walking around exploring shops. I am so thankful for Dr. Parker’s expertise! I appreciate that she has also taught me how to care for my body.
Liz A. ~ Austin, Texas

Highly Recommend

This was my first time I came to Dr Ronda Parkes office. My back was hurting. She welcomed me very professional but also as some one who cares, She did a nice evaluation and adjusted me. I could definitely tell she did something with my body. She gave me some home work, to drink a lot of water, take a salt bath and stretch my back on a pillow. I did all of that and my back felt much better today. I went back to her today and she had her whole evaluation about me done. Everything she told me made sense. I will go to her till my back is back to normal and than I would like to keep seeing her to prevent injuries. I can highly recommend her.

Ernestine L. ~ Lakeway, Texas

My family loves this place! More precisely we love Dr. Parker

We moved to the area when I was 20 weeks pregnant with our fourth, I searched for Webster certified chiropractors in the area and found several. Dr. Parker was the closest but I also loved what I read on her webpage, especially her own personal story. We got established as clients and are so grateful we did! This was my second pregnancy to have chiropractic care for and it makes all the difference! I was hit hard with allergies at 37 weeks pregnant. Not the best time to develop a cough if you know what I mean. I had only ever gone to the chiro weekly but this week I was utterly miserable so I went three days in a row. I cannot explain to you the boost in my immune system that I actually felt. My symptoms improved drastically within those three days. Usually it takes me weeks to get over symptoms like that. I was so grateful for the relief! A few weeks later I gave birth to our fourth, a son, and he was out in two pushes! We went to see Dr. Parker when he was two days old and that adjustment put me all back together after giving birth! She adjusted my two day old son too who had been gassy and fussy and difficult to nurse. Right after his adjustment he tooted a bit then nursed like a champ and went right to sleep all without fussing. My other children simply love to go see Dr. Parker and get adjusted. They feel so comfortable in her office and climb right up on the table confidently for their adjustments. I could go on and on….we just love this place!
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First outing with baby #4…Dr. Parkers for an adjustment. Last outing before baby #4 came? Dr. Parkers for an adjustment! So thankful for chiropractic care during and after pregnancy! After a week and a half of prodromal labor I woke up at 1:30 am with what felt like a transition contraction and my water partially broke. Midwives arrived at 2:30 and Baby boy was born at 3:53 am with two quick pushes! He came right out and into my arms! We are so blessed! Day one was great but he started getting gassy day two and the pain started setting in from nursing sessions. We’ve struggled with tongue tied babies and thankfully he isn’t too restricted but it takes work to get a good comfortable latch. After his adjustment today (and mine) he latched with little to no pain then conked out on my shoulder! No fussing! Just a content post-adjustment, milk drunk baby! Have I mentioned how thankful I am for chiropractic care?!?!? Thank you Dr. Parker! I’d post more pics but it’s only letting me pick one! That’s some kind of torture.

Bee Cave FAMILY Chiropractic. My family loves this place! More precisely we love Dr. Parker. My son didn’t want to get in the car to go until I told him he was getting adjusted this time. Then he shot off the couch with a burst of excitement and ran to the car. Zoe asks every time if she can get adjusted and Abbey just makes herself at home and climbs right up on the table, face planting her face in the hole, then waits patiently for Dr. Parker to “turn her power on”. We are so thankful for finding Dr. Parker at Bee Cave FAMILY Chiropractic!!

Cara A. ~ Dripping Springs, Texas

Dr. Parker is a Very Sweet and Loving Person

Start of a bad year! Late January 2017, I moved a water pump from my barn to my swimming pool for fire protection. That night at 1:30 am, I woke up with severe pain in my lower back and could not walk and crawled to the bath tub. I soaked in hot water for 20 minutes and my legs would not support me in getting out. I fell back into the tub and broke my collar bone. With the help of my family, I got out and went to the doctor the next morning. On heavy dose pain medications, I went to another doctor who wanted to operate on my L4-L5 vertebrae. Luck went my way and I met Big John who was under the care of Dr. Parker and he suggested I see her. I did and it was the best thing I ever did. After five visits, I dropped all medications for my sciatic nerve pain which was costing me 4-6 hours of sleep per night for about a month. Very severe pain! Dr. Parker is not only a skilled doctor but a very caring person, very precious in her work. She knows exactly where to eliminate the cause of your pain. Dr. Parker helped my broken shoulder bone in record time also. Dr. Parker is a very sweet and loving person and she will help you too.

Jack H. ~ Spicewood, Texas

A Gentle and Very Effective Healer

Dr. Parker is very knowledgeable in her field and is a gentle and very effective healer. My health has improved dramatically overall since I have been seeing her. I have improved flexibility in my body as well as improved digestion. I have also experienced better immune function. Since I’ve been seeing her, I’ve noticed decreased allergy symptoms and faster recovery times. My good friend recommended her to me and I am very thankful. I have highly recommend her to others as well.

Barbara K. ~ Lakeway, Texas

Very Thorough in Her Care

Dr. Parker cared so well for our family and even made time to see another member of my family I had with me but hadn’t scheduled an appointment for. She was thorough in her care and I felt confident when we left there that we had been well taken care of and that we would continue to be well taken care of. This was a great experience for our family.

Cara A. ~ Dripping Springs, Texas

Very Kind And Caring Person

You are a very kind and caring person. I feel better mentally and physically after I see you.
Roger K.~ Bee Cave, Texas

Great Experience

Great experience and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Parker is caring and has great knowledge of healing.

Barbara K. ~ Lakeway, Texas

I’m Better All Around!

Dr. Rhonda was my chiropractor for 3 and a half years. During that time she was able to help me with several neck/back issues and sports injuries. I was sad to have moved away. She was not just my chiropractor, but a friend who cares. You feel the warmth and love every time you step in her office. She didn’t just help me physically, but she also helped emotionally and spiritually!

Liz J. ~ Kansas City, MO

“Shoulder has increased range of motion and decreased pain.”

I had been suffering with my right shoulder for over a year. Loss of range of motion, decreased strength and mobility and pain while sleeping. I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon for symptoms. Dr. Parker retrieved a copy of a MRI I had done in May 2015. It was revealed that I had two tears in my rotator cuff. After returning to the surgeon, surgery was suggested as a treatment. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Parker, I can now increase my range of motion, have decreased pain and can elect physical therapy and chiropractic care instead of surgery!

Austin N. ~ Lakeway, Texas

Dr. Parker’s adjustments have worked miracles!

May 2014 I was hit from behind at a stop light by a pick-up truck with no brakes. Thank God I survived with only two dislodged lumbar vertebrae. My primary physician sent me for X-rays and sent me for an MRI and an ENG. On consultation, he said surgery was my only option. When speaking to my son, he told me to seek a second opinion, which I am glad I did. I was greatly relieved when told that surgery was not necessary and to continue doing the Chiropractic adjustments that I was receiving. I took his advice and continued treatments. Dr. Parker’s adjustments have worked miracles! I went back to playing golf after 8 months with almost zero pain.

Fay W. ~ Austin, Texas

Pain in my neck is GONE!

I developed a deep pain in the back of my neck. Did the usual turning my head left and right, I had the usual cracking but that deep neck pain wouldn’t go away. I found it difficult to look over my right shoulder to check traffic. After just 3 visits to Dr. Parker, I now have full range of motion and the pain in my neck is GONE!

David P. ~ Austin, Texas


Dr. Parker is FANTASTIC at what she does! Before I came to Bee Cave Family Chiropractic, I had severe pain in my neck and constant headaches that would keep me from enjoying life. Now my headaches are gone, and my neck pain relieved! Not only do I feel ten dozen times better, but I also feel genuinely cared about when I come into the office! Emily always greets me with a smile, and Rhonda always takes the time to talk with me about how I’m feeling and how my day has been. She is one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever met, and her passion for what she does inspires me – so much so that I am considering switching my profession to chiropractic. She has everything I would want in a doctor, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Morgan B. ~ Austin, Texas

Improved Golf Swing!

After major back surgery and attempts to get my golf game back on track, back pain kept me from playing and enjoying the game that was such a big part of my life. I even found that everyday tasks were difficult and limiting my activities, including having fun with my Grandkids. My wife had begun her healing using a new approach with a very caring chiropractor, Dr. Rhonda Parker, and she thought Dr. Parker could help me return to the activities I so loved.
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I had tried various chiropractors in the past with limited success until Dr. Parker used a different and much better approach to correcting old problems and restoring my health. The first visit was to evaluate where I was and put together a plan for healing. Since my back problems have been in the making for years, the corrections have taken time and now I can say that my back is better than it has been in many, many years. The golf game is coming back, and I can enjoy my family activities again.

My golf swing was recently analyzed and, much to my surprise, the golf teaching pro was extremely interested in reducing back injuries caused by golf swings. He met with Dr. Parker and discussed therapy and preventative measures, so I suspect some changes will be forthcoming.

Dr. Rhonda Parker is a very caring and skilled professional. She is concerned about overall health and the ability of people to enjoy their lives. She has made a change in my life and … just maybe … my golf game.

Jim W. ~ Lakeway, Texas

“Her Ability to Help Me Made Me a Believer”

I suffered an entire year of pain, limping, and a complete inability to climb stairs after a golf outing in mid-2013. Over several months, I sought relief by undergoing:

  • Adjustments from my Chiropractor at the time
  • Epidural Injections
  • Periformus Injection
  • Pain Medication
  • Physical Therapy

With only minimal positive results, my career as a Realtor® was affected.

Then, I discovered Dr. Rhonda Parker whose enthusiasm in her ability to help me made me a believer. I embarked on an intensive treatment plan with her that has restored my ability to function and my faith in chiropractic
Dr. Parker is a caring and skilled Chiropractor who now also treats my husband. I highly recommend her.

Linda W. ~ Lakeway, Texas

“I feel mentally happy…”

I came to Dr. Parker seeking her help in treating my severe neck pain. I was feeling really bummed out, tired and weepy. Now that I’ve been seeing Dr. Parker, I feel mentally happy for the first time in two months! I feel elevated. I feel like I can kick this now. I can do this!

Mary Ellen A. (Age 80) ~ Lakeway, Texas

“She has gone out of her way to correct my issues with careful listening, compassion and understanding.”

I was referred to Dr. Parker by my fitness instructor who had actually seen Dr. Parker and highly recommended her. I came to her with issues around old injuries I had from a prior auto accident and looking at the possibility of surgery. I have suffered from painful spouts of arthritis in my foot and ankle and due to the severity of the injuries my foot and ankle joints have over compensated and are starting to weaken and wear down. My body has also become misaligned because of the compensations. My orthopedic doctor referred me to a pedorthist to have inserts made for my shoes to help alleviate some of the pressure points in my foot.Show More

Through this process I started having back issues and came to see Dr. Parker. I really like her approach to healing because it has covered many modalities. She has gone out of her way to correct my issues with careful listening, compassion and understanding. She has also helped me make some major decisions which I had not been able to do prior to treatment. I have had more energy, my moods have improved and I have more confidence in making decisions that are right for me.

Elizabeth T. ~ Lakeway, Texas

“I’m especially surprised that I have not had ANY allergies in a full year since I’ve been coming here.”

I came in with lower back pain, anxiety, depression, bad headaches, and I could not sit or stand for more than 20 consecutive minutes at a time. I also had terrible allergies whenever the season changes were on the horizon. Every fall/winter, I was at the point where I couldn’t leave the house because my allergies were so severe. When I came to Dr. Parker, I mostly thought I would just try to take care of issues concerning my lower back pain, and I have been coming regularly for a little over a year now.Show More

I have noticed a ton of my other bodily issues clear up. It turns out after the x-rays, my neck had a strange curve/subluxation in it, so now that Dr. Parker has focused on my upper back (where the root of the issue was), my lower back pain, headaches, and allergies have all subsided. I’m especially surprised that I have not had ANY allergies in a full year since I’ve been coming here.

Maggie L. ~ Austin, Texas

“She has the touch and knowledge to change your life!”

I came to Dr. Parker knowing that I had some issues but not realizing to what degree they were affecting me. Through her thoughtful listening and magic diagnostic fingers, I walked out of her office feeling like a 40 pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She has the touch and knowledge to change your life! Thank you Emily and Dr. Parker for always brightening my day!

Ann S. ~ Austin, Texas

“I feel good after my adjustments”

I like coming to see Miss Emily and Dr. Parker. I feel good after my adjustments and I like all the neat things here. I like the books, crayons, the pictures on the wall, and the hand hugger (blood pressure cuff). They also let me play with toys here.

Myron S. (Age: 4) ~ Lakeway, Texas

“Because of you I feel healthier”

I like coming to the chiropractor because Miss Emily and Dr. Parker are so nice. I hope that when I grow up I can be like you. Because of you I feel healthier. Thank you!

Jordan S. (Age: 7) ~ Lakeway, Texas

“Dr. Parker and Emily are awesome!”

My name is John. I’m 53 years old and I work an office job. I’m a weekend warrior with strength and posture issues. Dr. Parker has helped me eliminate most of my posture issues and my aching muscles and joints through her adjustments, advice and toning exercises. My progress has only been impeded by my own choices and so I return to keep advancing my progress and health. She and Emily are awesome!

John W. ~ Spicewood, Texas

“I regained almost complete range of motion in my neck with very minimal pain in only a few spots”

I have gone to a chiropractor for many years now, not only for injuries, but also to maintain my general wellbeing. Because I would use Chiropractic as a form of preventative care I never really felt a huge difference when leaving the office because, for the most part, my body was already in pretty good shape. Recently, I was in a minor motor vehicle accident which I felt didn’t require any medical attention, figuring the pain would just go away. The accident occurred on a Saturday and by Monday afternoon I could barely move my neck. I was afraid that the Chiropractic manipulation was going to make my neck hurt worse so I opted to go to an Urgent Care Facility. They prescribed me three medications that only provided minimal short term relief for which the pain would return and seemed to be getting worse.Show More

By the following Monday I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Parker and have ever since regretted my earlier decision to go elsewhere. I am now three days into my treatment and have regained almost complete range of motion in my neck with very minimal pain in only a few spots. Almost all the other issues like the heavy sensation, burning in the neck, headaches, and pain and ringing in the ears, etc. have subsided or are very close. Every day I have felt a surprisingly dramatic change and improvement and it wasn’t even painful to accomplish.

Jeri S. ~ Austin, Texas

“I am healing!”

In the two short months I have been under Dr. Parker’s care, I have experienced wonderful results. My chief complaint, a stiff neck, is much improved, and a sciatica problem has disappeared. Overall I have a sense of improved wellness and loss of physical tension. I am healing!

Jeff H. ~ Austin, Texas

“I have better mobility than I have had in years.”

I have been troubled by lower back and neck pain for years. Recently I started having pain in my hand, both my feet and my knee. I am an avid runner and triathlete. I work physically in the field as well as at a computer. The pain and lack of mobility was impeding my ability to work and do what I enjoy. I couldn’t even stay in bed for eight hours because of the problems I was having. I had thought about chiropractic for years but was reticent. As an athlete I had worked with physical therapists, and believed in muscular imbalance as the source of my problems. The physical therapy I did was unsuccessful at relieving my pain and restoring the mobility of my lower back/hips. I started looking around on the internet and saw Dr. Parker’s website. I liked her credentials, and philosophies. So I called her office.Show More

I have been seeing Dr. Parker for around 10 weeks now. I have no pain in my hand any more, my left foot never hurts, my right foot is getting better each week. I have better mobility than I have had in years. I am now able to run without pain! I had been told that I was going to have to quit running or at least drop all thoughts of doing a marathon or greater distance. I am now training for any run I want to do, at faster paces than I have been able to maintain since three or four years ago. I can work and not worry about throwing my back out, and maybe best of all… I can sleep without waking up, barely able to move.

Dr. Parker is very knowledgeable and well rounded. They worked with my insurance. I was sent to a radiologist for x-rays and his diagnosis corresponded with Dr. Parker’s exactly. She put me on a set of rehab exercises to fix the muscular imbalances, and that coupled with relieving “subluxation” (you will have to ask her what this is) has given me back my life. I highly recommend Dr. Parker. I just wish I had found her sooner!

Richard M. ~ Austin, Texas

“We’re sleeping better, breathing better and feeling good!”

Dr. Parker,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for keeping us aligned and well!! Since starting with you in April, we’ve had less visits to the doctor, we’re sleeping better, breathing better and feeling good! The girls look forward to seeing you and Emily each week and love to “be” Dr. Parker while playing at home. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to have found you!

Harper, Rome & Louisa ~ Austin, Texas

“Allergies are nonexistent and I definitely have more energy throughout the day.”

So… I’ve always been skeptical about seeing a chiropractor and actually never really understood what it was all about. After meeting Dr. Parker outside of her practice I thought I could give this a try. It took me awhile to come around especially because I didn’t want to “fit it in my budget”. I was never pressured to come in and see her but when I finally did I was soon convinced I was totally missing out.Show More

I’ve had my share of sports injuries over the years and didn’t realize the damage until I saw my x-rays. I’m now at the halfway point of my correction and there’s hardly any pain if any. I am able to sleep so much better which has been an issue for years. Allergies are nonexistent and I definitely have more energy throughout the day. The best part about it is it’s so much more affordable then I imagined. I was previously quoted elsewhere a little more than 2x what Dr. Parker is charging. The staff is also super friendly and caring while the atmosphere is very relaxing. Ready for my next appointment!

Jesse J. ~ Austin, Texas

“My quality of life has done a complete 180. It’s amazing!”

I could not have chosen a better chiropractor to go to than Dr. Parker. It was my first time to ever see a chiropractor and I’ll admit I was pretty nervous. She was professional and very kind. She patiently listened to all my questions and answered them accordingly. She immediately made me feel calm and at ease.Show More

She had me get x-rays so that she could identify the exact problem. Come to find out I had slight scoliosis is my mid-back and my spine was slightly rotated in my lower back. I had no idea! Seeing the images of my bones really put everything into perspective and allowed Dr. Parker to assign a care plan that suited me personally.

I have been going for a year and not only has she eliminated my back pain, she has alleviated my allergies! Apparently certain adjustments help allergies! Who knew? She also sells natural remedies for allergies that work wonders!

My entire family has either been in her office or has taken advice from her at some point in this past year. She’s absolutely wonderful!

My quality of life has done a complete 180. It’s amazing! I do not know what I would do without my regular visits to her office!

Emily P. ~ Austin, Texas

“With Dr. Parker’s help, I am able to live my life to the fullest!”

I have been using Chiropractic care for almost 10 years now and have been through a handful of Chiropractors. When I moved to Austin almost two years ago, I found Dr. Parker and she has changed my life. She is by far the best I have found. I have problems with my body due to car accidents, playing sports, being active, and working out vigorously. With Dr. Parker’s help, I am able to live my life to the fullest! My time I spend in her office is my zen time and I leave with a smile on my face every time.

Liz J. ~ Austin, Texas

“Kind and supportive with her treatment”

I highly recommend Dr.Rhonda Parker for her skill level with patients is outstanding, very thorough in her examinations, kind and supportive with her treatment. Patients experience a speedy recovery, and Rhonda is always learning new techniques. She is an outstanding chiropractor who genuinely cares for all her patients.

Dr. Mary Beth Pace, MSPT, DC ~ Houston, Texas

“I am amazed and relieved that I could be treated without surgery, Thank You, Dr. Rhonda!”

I never darkened the doorstep of a chiropractor’s office until over a year ago. In the past, I believed chiropractors were quacks and that they would eventually damage my spine. My daughter told me to visit Dr. Rhonda Parker and that she could help me with a health issue that I had. Trusting my daughter, I decided to take her advice. After my first visit and treatment, I walked out of her office feeling like a million dollars.Show More

I began to cry, because I felt well for the first time in a long time. Dr. Parker suggested that I have x-rays after my first exam, because she discovered that I had issues in my spine, but needed x-rays to determine what they were. I saw the x-rays, and they had shown that I had one vertebrae in my neck that was in the last stage before it closed up. She said that if I had waited any longer, she would not have been able to work on it, and open it up. I knew that it meant neck surgery would be eventual to correct the problem. I was amazed and relieved that I could be treated for the problem and a few others. Please understand that I never had any pain in my back or neck, so I was surprised that she discovered the issues. Dr. Parker also educated me on how each vertebrae can affect different parts of your organs/nervous system WOW!

Pat S. ~ Austin, Texas

“I love Dr. Parker’s gentle yet firm touch and methods.”

“When I started with Dr. Parker I was experiencing joint pains and severe stiffness in my shoulders and neck. Through my treatment the joint pain has been alleviated, and shoulders and neck have had much improvement. They still get tight, but now I know where to go to get them moving again. I love Dr. Parkers gentle yet firm touch and methods.

Jenea F. ~ Austin, Texas

“I had chronic back/neck problems…”

“Before coming to Bee Cave Family Chiropractic I had chronic back/neck problems. By the end of my session I felt relieved of most of my pain. What I like best is Dr. Parker. She is always a welcoming sight.”

Austin M. ~ Austin, Texas

Highly recommended!

“She has extensive knowledge of her profession and I would highly recommend her for treatment. I have referred my clients to her.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Melody T., Massage Therapist ~ Austin, Texas

“Dr. Rhonda’s genuine concern and special care makes my day!”

“Dr. Rhonda is the 4th Chiropractor I’ve been to and the best out of them all. Her bright smile, genuine concern for my health and special care she takes makes my day! Not only does she make every visit comfortable, but she takes her time to pin point trouble areas and really work on them. Her care doesn’t stop in the office. Dr. Rhonda’s advice on stretches, exercise, and additional care are wise and very helpful in the healing process. I can now do more activities at ease like exercise and run with less pain and better results. She has proved to be the best Chiropractor one could hope to have!”

Liz J. ~ Austin, Texas

“After a few visits I can confirm I have less pain in my lower back, more flexibility, and my mobility has improved.”

“After working for forty years, I made the decision to retire early this year. I was fully dedicated to my job, but with every year’s promotion came more stress and little time to take care of me. One of the first things I did after retirement was find a chiropractor in this area to help me with my back problems. That’s when I was lucky to find Dr. Rhonda Parker who immediately made an excellent assessment of my condition and recommended to start the sessions. After a few visits I can confirm I have less pain in my lower back, more flexibility, and my mobility has improved. One example of this improvement is that I am more confident and able to do things I couldn’t do before, such as climbing the roof/attic of my house and the willingness to walk and exercise almost every day.Show More

She recommended me a full list of exercises (stretching and strength) that are helping a lot. I am very pleased to have Dr. Rhonda as my chiropractor. Unfortunately, we will move to Houston at the end of the year, but she was so kind as to recommend me to a chiropractor in Houston to continue with my treatment. Thank you Dr. Rhonda for all you have done to improve my health and life for good. You are truly a professional and nice person.”

Osvaldo A. ~ Austin, Texas

“Her professional skills are excellent and she has treated me successfully.”

“I have been working with Dr. Parker since early summer, 2011. She has impeccable character and integrity. Her professional skills are excellent and she has treated me successfully.

“Dr. Parker introduces alternative healing methods into her practice to complement the overall care for her patients. She explains her approach carefully and is very focused on reaching all of her patients’ health objectives.Show More

“I especially appreciate the efforts she puts into connecting her patients with other small businesses and health care options in the area.

“I highly recommend paying her a visit for your chiropractic or other care needs.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Michael M. ~ Lakeway, Texas

“Her personality is that of someone who is a genuine healer. “

After dealing with a very stiff shoulder and some upper back pain for about 4 years I finally decided to do something about it. Although I had never considered a chiropractor because I thought it was something to do only if you had major back issue, I now understand why the health and alignment of your spine can manifest in daily aches and pains.Show More

Dr. Parker is extremely intuitive and present when she is working with you. Her personality is that of someone who is a genuine healer. This sets her apart from most of my experience with people in the medical field. Also the results were astonishing to me. In just ONE WEEK I would say about %70 of the discomfort that I had been so use to was relieved. I am ecstatic that I can finally have full range of my shoulder without discomfort, tightness or pain.


Megan J. ~ Austin, Texas

“Her office handled any insurance questions and that allowed me to focus on myself getting better.”

“I needed some work done on my back and Dr. Rhonda’s office worked me in right away to start my treatment. Her office handled any insurance questions I had so all I had to do was focus on getting myself better. Thanks, Dr. Rhonda.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Chris L. ~ Austin, Texas

“Dr. Parker is an amazing chiropractor and healer. “

“She is very knowledgeable and her adjusting style is gentle and very effective. Her intuitive abilities and her passion for helping others achieve optimal health and a sense of balance in their lives truly set her apart from the rest. Her gentle adjustments and energy work helped bring my body back in balance and I noticed that the swelling in my inflamed muscles was reduced. Dr. Parker also put me on some nutritional supplements that have resolved several conditions that I was struggling with. Dr. Parker gets great results!!”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Peg P. ~ Austin, Texas

“Dr. Rhonda’s care is impeccable.”

“Her knowledge of chiropractic along with being a highly intuitive soul goes a long way towards assisting one to move out of their maladies and into ease and wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Gabriella E. ~ Austin, Texas

“I was deeply touched by the compassionate care….”

“I have known Dr. Parker for over one year now. She came to my office to introduce herself and I was immediately taken with her love of the chiropractic field and her dedication in providing the highest standard of care. We have referred clients/patients to each other and my entire family has been under her care. I was deeply touched by the compassionate care she gave to my pre-teen daughter who was suffering from migraines. Dr. Parker has also kept my body in tune and healthy. I would definitely recommend Dr. Parker if you want a knowledgeable, compassionate and effective chiropractor.”

Deanne R. ~ Austin, Texas

“It has impacted our life in more ways than one…”

Dr. Parker,

I wanted to write and thank you for the help you provided my wife and I during her pregnancy. The Webster technique of adjusting my wife’s pelvis was instrumental in flipping her beech baby and allowing her to give birth naturally today without any complications. It has impacted our life in more ways than one.

As a fellow doctor of chiropractic you showed me an additional tool to use in my practice to help other pregnant women in need with a breech baby.

Again, thanks for the invaluable help you provided. 

Dr. Patrick D. ~ Boerne, Texas

“An awesome healthcare provider with the utmost concern with the well-being of her patients at all times…”

Dear Dr. Rhonda,

I’ve written this recommendation and it is an honor to work with you to better serve your patients and your community.

Dr. Edward F. ~ Houston, Texas

“Her technique, skill, and integrity set the mark for what chiropractic care should be…”

Dear Dr. Rhonda,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work:

“I had many years of experience with chiropractic care before I met Dr. Parker. What I learned shortly after beginning treatment with Dr. Parker is that I had only been given temporary band aid treatments by past practitioners. Dr. Parker treats the whole body and solves the cause of the misalignment, not just adjusts it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Parker to any and all. Her technique, skill, and integrity set the mark for what chiropractic care should be.”
David H. ~ Austin, Texas

“You showed a family physician the benefit of the Webster Technique…”

Dear Dr. Parker,

Thank you so much for helping me during my pregnancy when my baby was transverse/breech! You showed a family physician the benefit of the Webster Technique.

Take care,
Laura G., MD ~ Austin, Texas

“She has an earnest desire to help her patients get to the core of the issue . . .”

“I really appreciate Dr. Parker’s amazing multi-talented, professionally trained and intuitive ability to find the problem and work with me on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. She is incredibly patient (I have lots of resistance that shows up in my following thru with instructions, exercises, etc.). She has many modalities to call on depending on what’s going on with me and I truly appreciate this versatility and knowledge. She has an earnest desire to help her patients get to the core of the issue and has many ways to help. I recommend her highly.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Jennifer A. ~ Austin, Texas

“I’ve seen Dr. Parker for almost 1 month, and the results are unbelievable.”

“My life took a turn-around in 1999 when I re-injured my back at Lumbar 3-4 & 4-5. I began seeing a local chiropractor for the next 2-3+ years. At one point, he suggested that I see a neurosurgeon for a second opinion. When the neurosurgeon examined my c-rays and my back, he told me he would NOT do surgery – the discs were bulging but not ruptured. Needless to say, in spite of the pain I experienced, I was very happy to hear that, I am currently working part-time and am on my feet on cement floors the whole time.Show More

My pain increased to the point where I needed help. I found it with an announcement I found at work – Dr. Rhonda Parker is practicing right near work and not far from my home. I’ve seen Dr. Parker for almost 1 month, and the results are unbelievable. My pain level has gone from a 6-8+ down to a 0-1 most of the time. What she has accomplished in such a short time is incredible!! Don’t give up on chiropractic care!! I’m still able to walk (fast) every day with my puppies!!”

Barbara S. ~ Dripping Springs, Texas

” . . . I think she deserbes a awarde.”

“I like Dr. Parker becas she helps people and she is so sweet. She helped me and my Mom but I don’t harly hurt any more becas wen I was 5 years old I always hurted in my neck and wen I started going to see Dr. Parker I found out my neck was out of alignment and I have been seeing her and I’m harly hurting. I like Dr. Parker so much. Senc she is so sweet I think she deserbes a awarde.”

Jamie S. ~ 8 years old, Lakeway, Texas

” . . . my neck and lower back pain immediately subsided . . . “

“. . . my neck and lower back pain immediately subsided as a result of my treatment with Dr. Parker. I saw a dramatic improvement in 24 hours. Thanks again!!” 

Tom H. ~ Bee Cave, Texas

“It’s impossible to leave Dr. Parker’s office without a smile on my face because I always feel wonderful.”

“As a tall skinny bean-pole of a human being, I’ve had back problems since I first started playing sports in middle school. I had tired a different chiropractor before but finally decided I need a fresh approach. Since starting with Dr. Parker I have seen tremendous improvement. The combination of in-house adjustments and the knowledge she has imparted to me – anatomy and physiology of the spine, the muscles attached, and the general body, as well as a wide array of supplementary stretches and exercises – has brought me a phenomenal increase in my quality of life. It’s impossible to leave Dr. Parker’s office without a smile on my face because I always feel wonderful.”

Ryan P. (Age: 17) ~ Lakeway, Texas

“I love that Dr. Parker considers emotional as well as physical causes for discomfort in my body.”

“I love that Dr. Parker considers emotional as well as physical causes for discomfort in my body. When I started coming I had a persistent pain in my back and hip, now both occur only rarely.”

Shannon L. ~ Lakeway, Texas

“Each time I feel stronger and more confident . . .”

“Dr. Rhonda Parker has truly helped me get past some major issues in my life. I have been divorced for 4 years now. My parents really wanted me to see a counselor after the divorce. I finally decided to speak to one. I do feel like it helped. I was able to talk about things that hurt me, but I still felt very frustrated at times. Dr. Parker did 3 clearings on me. Each time I feel stronger and more confident, which are 2 of my major issues. I have realized how much old situations can continue to hurt you and hold you back. I would never truly understand this if Dr. Parker had not done my clearings. I am so thankful to her. I feel like this is the one thing that will help me see the person I am in a good way – finally!”

Holly A. ~ Austin, Texas

“I had been told by other doctors . . . that there was nothing they could do, that I just needed to stop running. I am now 10 weeks into my treatment and am running pain free.”

“I went to Dr. Parker for a recurring leg problem that I have had over the years. I had been told by other doctors (GP, orthopedic, other chiropractors, etc.) that there was nothing they could do, that I just needed to stop running. I am now 10 weeks into my treatment and am running pain free. Not only has the pain in my leg gone away, but my back and neck feel better than they have in years. Dr. Parker treated the causes of my problems, not just the symptoms. I would recommend the good Doctor to anyone who has any skeletal/muscular issues. Thank you, Dr. Parker.” 

David H. ~ Austin, Texas

“Dr. Parker and her staff are a cut above the rest.”

“Dr. Parker and her staff are a cut above the rest. Her bedside manner is absolutely outstanding as she takes the time get to know you and understand what the problem is. She is always willing to answer questions and explain things to you so you don’t feel like she is talking over your head with doctor talk. One of the first things that Dr. Parker said to me was that we needed a plan for getting me to a place where I wasn’t having trouble and we have been working that plan. She has always told me that if I have a problem between scheduled visits to call and she would work to get me in. Her staff always has a friendly demeanor and willingness to work with you as well. I have never felt that I was just a customer but I have always felt that they truly cared about my wellbeing. I am here to tell that the care is something that can’t be beat and I have grown to consider them friends and people that I trust.”

Fonda R. ~ Spicewood, Texas

“She has a deep care for the work she does with each person, and it shows.”

“Dr. Rhonda Parker has truly helped me get passed some emotional issues through her awesome energy healing. I believe I am getting strength and confidence through the clearings she is doing with me. I am so very thankful for her. She has a deep care and love for the work she does with each person, and it shows. You can feel how much of herself she puts into her work. Thanks so much Dr. Parker.” 

Holly ~ Austin, Texas

“My wife made me go.”

“My wife made me go. I was losing sleep because of my back pain and was having a lot of headaches. The result I was taking a good amount of pain pills. Dr. Parker made me feel comfortable. She was gentle and effective. After the 3 visits and I was sleeping so good. Now I am not taking anymore pills!!”

Jerome A. ~ Austin, Texas

“I love the many different methods of healing she utilizes.”

“Been to a chiropractor before Dr. Parker and he was never as thorough as she is. I love the many different methods of healing she utilizes. The office is always clean and sunny and the staff is friendly and always helpful.” 

Celesta ~ Austin, Texas

“I completed my first marathon in February and I don’t believe I would have made it if I had not been dedicated to seeing Dr. Parker.”

“I was not a fan of chiropractors. Tried one 20 plus years ago and scared me to death and did not trust any of them because of that experience. I have had lower back pain sometimes severe, since I was 20 (25 years ago). I started a treatment program a few months ago with Dr. Parker, deciding to give it another try. I completed my first marathon in February and don’t believe I would have made it if I had not been dedicated to seeing Dr. Parker. I don’t seem to carry that pain in my lower back like I had been for so many years. I describe the treatment as gentle but firm in her approach and a great discussion of well-being and healthy living techniques.” 

Bill N. ~ Austin, Texas

“I went to Dr. Parker because my medical professional had me on so many medicines that I couldn’t get long term care insurance.”

“I went to Dr. Parker because my medical professional had me on so many medicines that I couldn’t get long term care insurance. Dr. Parker worked with me to get me off the medications, get my health back on track, give me the adjustments that I needed and I feel like a new person. Without Dr. Parker I would still be taking way to many medications that I didn’t really need. I cannot recommend her enough. She is phenomenal!!!! Also – Dr. Parker gives gentle adjustments – not the hard, rip you one direction, then do it again on the other side. Nothing at all painful about her adjustments. She is fantastic.” 

Shelly ~ Houston, Texas

“You will be in good hands, beginning with your first step into the office.”

“Dr. P. is awesome! I have been seeing her for just under a year and she has worked with me and my very complicated case, with diligence, compassion, and going beyond the call of duty. You will be in good hands, beginning with your first step into the office.”Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. 

Carol W. ~ Austin, Texas

“This has been a life changing experience . . .”

“Dr. Parker is the whole package! She has a way of telling you what is going on in your body from a physical, spiritual, and energetic view. She always amazes me with her spot on understanding of my health and her seemingly tireless way of explaining it to me that makes me understand my body and how it works. This has been a life changing experience in a time where it is hard to find someone who really cares and knows what they are talking about. I have searched far and wide to find a doctor who wants to get to the bottom of my problems and finally heal them and I thank every day that I finally found her because I was always being given answers that just did not satisfy…Highly, highly recommend Dr. Rhonda…I wouldn’t go to anyone else! She makes the world a healthier, happier place!”Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative. 

Jeannie K. ~ Austin, Texas

“Dr. Parker helped me overcome insomnia, nightmares, low-energy, depression, hormonal imbalances and weight loss within 7 months.”

“Dr. Parker helped me overcome insomnia, nightmares, low-energy, depression, hormonal imbalances and weight loss within 7 months. She listens with a sincerely caring heart and always comes up with a solution that works! Thank you, Dr. Parker for helping me through that hard time in my life.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. 

Beka K. ~ Austin – Houston, Texas

“When I first visited Dr. Parker, my left leg was so damaged that I could not walk or rotate my ankle.”

“When I first visited Dr. Parker, my left leg was so damaged that I could not walk or rotate my ankle. She came to my rescue with detailed knowledge and care for my injury. A few exercises, stretches, and her god gifted hands brought my leg back to normal within a few weeks. I wish I could post a before andafter picture for everybody to see, because Dr. Parker is a Natural Healer!” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. 

Ian P. ~ Austin, Texas

“. . . try out a healthy natural solution, your body will love you for it.”

“I was broken down, beaten and battered when I went to see Dr. Parker. I had some internal issues, torn hamstring, pinched nerve and basically completely out of sorts. Within months from when I started to see Dr. Parker I am completely healthy from all my ailments. I strongly recommend Dr. Rhonda Parker for most if not all of your health issues. At the very least for a starting point because she will get to the root of the problem instead of blasting drugs at the cause which we all know may cause impotence, nausea, diarrhea, or some rare instances death. So try out a healthy natural solution, your body will love you for it.”Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. 

Mike M. ~ Austin, Texas

“If your doctors have you on a lot of medications and you are not seeing results in your life, take the time to go see Dr. Parker. She will get you on the road to health and happiness.”

“Dr. Rhonda Parker was able to help me get off all the drugs that the medical doctors had put me on. She was able to understand my issues and help me to work through them with all natural herbs. I feel better now than I have in years and it’s all because of Dr. Parker. If your doctors have you on a lot of medications and you are not seeing results in your life, take the time to go see Dr. Parker. She will get you on the road to health and happiness.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. 

Shelly K. ~ Houston, Texas

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