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Austin Chiropractor Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Bee Cave Family Chiropractic patient reviews below and please email me or contact our Austin chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Rhonda Parker

Quality of Life Restored

I had been in chronic pain for over 6 months before coming to Dr Parker and with her thoughtful diagnosis and targeted treatments, my quality of life has dramatically improved. I have little pain, my mobility is normalized and I’m back in the gym able to work out which I have missed. Quality of Life restored.

Douglas M.
Bee Cave, Texas

I Bet She Will Change Your Life, Too!

Dr Parker is WONDERFUL! My first appointment with her was in June 2023 and the improvement in my sciatic nerve pain which went down my lower back, right hip and down my right leg has been amazing. In a time when too many seem to care too little, Dr Parker offers a level of service and customer care that is truly second to none.

She has always been ready for me when I arrive, fully explains everything in detail, has time to answer my questions – her level of patient care is truly genuine.

Her knowledge and experience are impressive – it’s like she “knows” exactly what I need by my description of what I’m feeling. She has gone above and beyond to help figure out, what I think is somewhat of an unusual case, and has been determined to help me feel better. She requested x-rays and when they came back she explained the results in great detail in a manner in which I could understand. Turns out, Dr Parker pretty much called it on my issues in our first appointment. In going over the results, she discussed a couple areas of concern – suggesting I see my family doctor to talk about having a doppler ultrasound specific to two areas based on the x-ray findings. In my next two appointments she followed up to be sure I’d done this, which I hadn’t. Because she cared enough to remind me more than once, I saw my doctor and had the ultrasound done. The results on one of the areas called for a recommendation to repeat the ultrasound in 6 months to insure one small non-specific finding is benign. So, Dr Parker not only has given me relief from my lower back, hip and leg pain, which at times has been intense, but she looked out for my general health as well. She’s taught me some good daily habits towards better health and has made some great recommendations on things I can do at home to continue to improve – stretching and exercises that target working on the specific areas where I have problems. She’s cared enough to get to know “me”, which means she understands my work habits and that I’m a type A workaholic. So the at home things she’s recommended that I do, work for me.

I would highly recommend Dr Parker. What she has done to help me has been life changing. Added bonus! She also helps horses and dogs – which spoke volumes to me the first time I met her. Anyone who has spent years in the education of helping animals in pain, and to help make their remaining years good, has my admiration and respect.

If your body is in pain, go see Dr Parker. I bet she will change your life, too!

Julie G.
Austin, Texas

After Three Days of Treatments I was Back to 100%

Dr. Parker at Bee Cave Family Chiropractic is really incredible. I first found Dr. Parker when I came down with a very severe case of vertigo. Prior to seeing Dr. Parker I had been completely immobilized for 10 or more days. I’d seen several doctors and taken every pill you can imagine, and I saw no improvement with my symptoms. It was so bad that I couldn’t open my eyes without getting violently sick from the extreme dizziness, and I felt like it might not ever go away.

My wife had to basically carry me to the car and into the office, and Dr. Parker was unbelievably understanding and compassionate about my symptoms. She saw the urgency in the issue and was instantly accommodating with her schedule. No kidding, after one treatment I was feeling better, not 100% but I could open my eyes and eat for the first time in almost 2 weeks. After 3 days of treatments I was back to 100%. While I was in she also diagnosed and began treating a back and hip injury that I’d had for the last year +, and within several weeks of that treatment I was back to 100% with those injuries as well.

Now I see Dr. Parker for the occasional adjustment after things like long car rides or air traveling, and it is really cool to live without having to endure pain that I just assumed was part of my life forever.

Huge 5 Stars for Dr. Parker and Bee Cave Family Chiropractic.

Tyson S.
Westlake, Texas

Hopeful and Excited!

I was warmly greeted by Dr. Parker. She took time with me to explain my treatment plan, and I left feeling hopeful and excited about my future visits. On my second visit, I received muscle testing and supplements to address areas in my body that needed strengthening. I already feel more energized! Her holistic approach to healing encompasses the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda Parker.

Suzie C.

Family-Friendly, Warm & Welcoming!

If you’re looking for a doctor that specializes in alternative medicine than I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda Parker or as my children call her “Dr. P” I first began seeing her nearly 5yrs ago for treatment during the third trimester of my third pregnancy, due to pregnancy related complications. Dr. Parker is very knowledgeable in the field of alternative medicine and what our bodies need to thrive at optimal performance. She has a gentle, healing touch when performing chiropractic adjustments and not only treats myself, but has treated my children ages 2wks old to 14yrs old as well. Her office is family friendly, warm and welcoming. We always leave feeling better than we did going in. Thank you, Dr. P you’re simply wonderful!

Molly L.
Austin, Texas

Dr. Parker is AMAZING!

Dr. Rhonda Parker is AMAZING! She came highly recommended from a friend when I was suffering from a pinched nerve. Dr. Parker has been instrumental in my recovery. Her adjustments provide relief and the focus of lasting changes has reshaped how I view spinal health. She is very informative and has the kindest “bedside manner”. In addition, she is now my nutritionist & I am excited about changes and clarification around my supplements, I already have more energy and clarity!

Nell M.
Austin, TX

Cares About Me and My Well-Being

I have Dr. Parker to thank for helping me get moving again! I came to see Dr Parker because I was experiencing a painful sciatic nerve that was expressed in my hamstring. I am a runner and my movement was becoming very limited due to intense pain in my hamstring and sometimes calf and knee. Dr. Parker is great at explaining what is occurring in my body that leads to pain and discomfort. She is very thoughtful and I get the sense she really cares about me and my well-being. It’s always nice to visit Dr. Parker. She is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her chiropractic care.

Charlie B.

Very Thorough and Knowledgeable

Dr. Parker was prompt in responding to my needs for flipping a breech baby. Her concern and dedication to helping me was so much appreciated. She is very thorough and knowledgeable in the work that she does!

Melissa S.

Now Feeling Normal Again

Dr. Rhonda is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside! I went from literally crawling on the floor to the refrigerator in such horrible pain, to now feeling normal again, even in the gym! I have dealt with my back issues for 20 years plus, hands down Rhonda Parker is the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and trust worthy person/doctor/chiropractor I have met. I truly know she was sent by God to help people, everything from her holistic approach, to books she recommends, to her physical strength (yet gentle) adjustments. I first came to Dr. Rhonda over 2 years ago in similar pain, I should have stayed on schedule, but unfortunately I did not…but after thinking about that, that is a testimony again of her methods, I went 2 years pain free. She will be the first to tell you to be positive and patient, I feel better mentally and physically after seeing Dr. Rhonda every time… so thank you Dr. Rhonda.

Roger K. ˜ Bee Cave, TX

Truly Cares for Her Patients

I moved to Austin in July 2018 without ever seeing a chiropractor before. When I found Dr. Parker my body and health became much better! Growing up I played competitive sports without (hardly ever) icing or heating injuries – we were taught to “tough it out” and “play through it.” The result of that mindset was a continually stiff/hurt back and neck with headaches that seemed to never end. After seeing Dr. P for over 6 months, my back feels much better, to the point that I no longer have to take it easy when getting out of bed in the morning and I have improved my range of motion in
my neck to the point I can look to the side and not be limited *at all*. All this without any pain! My allergies have also improved dramatically. Austin is one of the worst places for you to live if you have allergies, with Dr. P’s help and homeopathic remedies, my ears rarely itch, nose rarely runs and sinus’ work normally. On a personal note, Dr. P does truly care for her patients, she never turns her back on someone who needs physical or emotional health!

Rachel G. ˜ Austin, TX

The Neck Adjustments Really Helped

I came in with my mid back very tight. After all the adjustments the pressure in there was released and my back felt perfect. I also had very bad migraines in school so I quit public school. The neck adjustments really helped. With my back no longer tight I went to play golf and it was my best game because I could rotate fully.

Zak K. ˜ Austin, Texas

I Was In Big Pain, Dr Parker Met Me the Same Day I Called

I came in on an emergency-basis. Though I had been having back pain, my schedule was such that I kept putting off being seen to other priorities… not a good idea, since ignoring the lesser pains and signs caused a big pain and sign that it was time to come in. Not having a chiropractor since moving to Bee Caves area from New Mexico 2 years ago, I searched on-line and read reviews. I love that Dr Parker was able to see me the same day I called. She ensures you understand what happened and what will help, in layman’s language. Thank you!

Myra P. ˜ Bee Cave, Texas

So Thankful for Dr. Parker

I hobbled in to see Dr. Parker; hardly able to stand the pain of plantar fasciitis. The person referring me indicated that Dr. Parker healed her husband’s plantar fasciitis. Dr. Parker provided great knowledge and educated me about overall wellness. After a few alignments, I felt better all over, not realizing how tense and out of alignment I’d been. I have more energy and all those “pinched” feelings in my hips are gone. My extremely tight and aching calves are no longer an issue. And oh-my feet, I’m able to travel again and spend the day exploring mountain tops and walking around exploring shops. I am so thankful for Dr. Parker’s expertise! I appreciate that she has also taught me how to care for my body.
Liz A. ˜ Austin, Texas

Highly Recommend

This was my first time I came to Dr Ronda Parkes office. My back was hurting. She welcomed me very professional but also as some one who cares, She did a nice evaluation and adjusted me. I could definitely tell she did something with my body. She gave me some home work, to drink a lot of water, take a salt bath and stretch my back on a pillow. I did all of that and my back felt much better today. I went back to her today and she had her whole evaluation about me done. Everything she told me made sense. I will go to her till my back is back to normal and than I would like to keep seeing her to prevent injuries. I can highly recommend her.

Ernestine L. ˜ Lakeway, Texas

My family loves this place! More precisely we love Dr. Parker

We moved to the area when I was 20 weeks pregnant with our fourth, I searched for Webster certified chiropractors in the area and found several. Dr. Parker was the closest but I also loved what I read on her webpage, especially her own personal story. We got established as clients and are so grateful we did! This was my second pregnancy to have chiropractic care for and it makes all the difference! I was hit hard with allergies at 37 weeks pregnant. Not the best time to develop a cough if you know what I mean. I had only ever gone to the chiro weekly but this week I was utterly miserable so I went three days in a row. I cannot explain to you the boost in my immune system that I actually felt. My symptoms improved drastically within those three days. Usually it takes me weeks to get over symptoms like that. I was so grateful for the relief! A few weeks later I gave birth to our fourth, a son, and he was out in two pushes! We went to see Dr. Parker when he was two days old and that adjustment put me all back together after giving birth! She adjusted my two day old son too who had been gassy and fussy and difficult to nurse. Right after his adjustment he tooted a bit then nursed like a champ and went right to sleep all without fussing. My other children simply love to go see Dr. Parker and get adjusted. They feel so comfortable in her office and climb right up on the table confidently for their adjustments. I could go on and on….we just love this place!
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First outing with baby #4…Dr. Parkers for an adjustment. Last outing before baby #4 came? Dr. Parkers for an adjustment! So thankful for chiropractic care during and after pregnancy! After a week and a half of prodromal labor I woke up at 1:30 am with what felt like a transition contraction and my water partially broke. Midwives arrived at 2:30 and Baby boy was born at 3:53 am with two quick pushes! He came right out and into my arms! We are so blessed! Day one was great but he started getting gassy day two and the pain started setting in from nursing sessions. We’ve struggled with tongue tied babies and thankfully he isn’t too restricted but it takes work to get a good comfortable latch. After his adjustment today (and mine) he latched with little to no pain then conked out on my shoulder! No fussing! Just a content post-adjustment, milk drunk baby! Have I mentioned how thankful I am for chiropractic care?!?!? Thank you Dr. Parker! I’d post more pics but it’s only letting me pick one! That’s some kind of torture.

Bee Cave FAMILY Chiropractic. My family loves this place! More precisely we love Dr. Parker. My son didn’t want to get in the car to go until I told him he was getting adjusted this time. Then he shot off the couch with a burst of excitement and ran to the car. Zoe asks every time if she can get adjusted and Abbey just makes herself at home and climbs right up on the table, face planting her face in the hole, then waits patiently for Dr. Parker to “turn her power on”. We are so thankful for finding Dr. Parker at Bee Cave FAMILY Chiropractic!!

Cara A. ˜ Dripping Springs, Texas

Dr. Parker is a Very Sweet and Loving Person

Start of a bad year! Late January 2017, I moved a water pump from my barn to my swimming pool for fire protection. That night at 1:30 am, I woke up with severe pain in my lower back and could not walk and crawled to the bath tub. I soaked in hot water for 20 minutes and my legs would not support me in getting out. I fell back into the tub and broke my collar bone. With the help of my family, I got out and went to the doctor the next morning. On heavy dose pain medications, I went to another doctor who wanted to operate on my L4-L5 vertebrae. Luck went my way and I met Big John who was under the care of Dr. Parker and he suggested I see her. I did and it was the best thing I ever did. After five visits, I dropped all medications for my sciatic nerve pain which was costing me 4-6 hours of sleep per night for about a month. Very severe pain! Dr. Parker is not only a skilled doctor but a very caring person, very precious in her work. She knows exactly where to eliminate the cause of your pain. Dr. Parker helped my broken shoulder bone in record time also. Dr. Parker is a very sweet and loving person and she will help you too.

Jack H. ˜ Spicewood, Texas

A Gentle and Very Effective Healer

Dr. Parker is very knowledgeable in her field and is a gentle and very effective healer. My health has improved dramatically overall since I have been seeing her. I have improved flexibility in my body as well as improved digestion. I have also experienced better immune function. Since I’ve been seeing her, I’ve noticed decreased allergy symptoms and faster recovery times. My good friend recommended her to me and I am very thankful. I have highly recommend her to others as well.

Barbara K. ˜ Lakeway, Texas

Very Thorough in Her Care

Dr. Parker cared so well for our family and even made time to see another member of my family I had with me but hadn’t scheduled an appointment for. She was thorough in her care and I felt confident when we left there that we had been well taken care of and that we would continue to be well taken care of. This was a great experience for our family.

Cara A. ˜ Dripping Springs, Texas

Very Kind And Caring Person

You are a very kind and caring person. I feel better mentally and physically after I see you.
Roger K.˜ Bee Cave, Texas

Great Experience

Great experience and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Parker is caring and has great knowledge of healing.

Barbara K. ˜ Lakeway, Texas

I’m Better All Around!

Dr. Rhonda was my chiropractor for 3 and a half years. During that time she was able to help me with several neck/back issues and sports injuries. I was sad to have moved away. She was not just my chiropractor, but a friend who cares. You feel the warmth and love every time you step in her office. She didn’t just help me physically, but she also helped emotionally and spiritually!

Liz J. ˜ Kansas City, MO

“Shoulder has increased range of motion and decreased pain.”

I had been suffering with my right shoulder for over a year. Loss of range of motion, decreased strength and mobility and pain while sleeping. I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon for symptoms. Dr. Parker retrieved a copy of a MRI I had done in May 2015. It was revealed that I had two tears in my rotator cuff. After returning to the surgeon, surgery was suggested as a treatment. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Parker, I can now increase my range of motion, have decreased pain and can elect physical therapy and chiropractic care instead of surgery!

Austin N. ˜ Lakeway, Texas

Dr. Parker’s adjustments have worked miracles!

May 2014 I was hit from behind at a stop light by a pick-up truck with no brakes. Thank God I survived with only two dislodged lumbar vertebrae. My primary physician sent me for X-rays and sent me for an MRI and an ENG. On consultation, he said surgery was my only option. When speaking to my son, he told me to seek a second opinion, which I am glad I did. I was greatly relieved when told that surgery was not necessary and to continue doing the Chiropractic adjustments that I was receiving. I took his advice and continued treatments. Dr. Parker’s adjustments have worked miracles! I went back to playing golf after 8 months with almost zero pain.

Fay W. ˜ Austin, Texas

Pain in my neck is GONE!

I developed a deep pain in the back of my neck. Did the usual turning my head left and right, I had the usual cracking but that deep neck pain wouldn’t go away. I found it difficult to look over my right shoulder to check traffic. After just 3 visits to Dr. Parker, I now have full range of motion and the pain in my neck is GONE!

David P. ˜ Austin, Texas


Dr. Parker is FANTASTIC at what she does! Before I came to Bee Cave Family Chiropractic, I had severe pain in my neck and constant headaches that would keep me from enjoying life. Now my headaches are gone, and my neck pain relieved! Not only do I feel ten dozen times better, but I also feel genuinely cared about when I come into the office! Emily always greets me with a smile, and Rhonda always takes the time to talk with me about how I’m feeling and how my day has been. She is one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever met, and her passion for what she does inspires me – so much so that I am considering switching my profession to chiropractic. She has everything I would want in a doctor, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Morgan B. ˜ Austin, Texas

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